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22 July 2018
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19 August 2018
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Welcome to our second development diary post of The Descendants of Volos board game. Today we’ll reveal what our manual will look like, and some details about setting up the world map.

In our game, the manual is called a tutorial, because it’s in a form of a comic book. Each page contains only pictures with very short and user-friendly descriptions.

 The idea is to make it easy to understand and refer to. In most games, reading the manual is very demotivating. In DoV, the tutorial actually leads you by hand, explaining step by step how to set up the game elements and describing all the game rules. The second half of the tutorial book contains example sessions. It’s like watching someone playing, with the narrator explaining everything.

The last section is going to include a FAQ (frequently asqued questions), in the form of pure text.

In the previous development diary post, we’ve shown the content of the box, where the biggest element is the world map. Today, we’ll show how to set up the map, and we’ll do it using tutorial pages. Please notice that it’s still work in progress, and many elements may (and most likely will) change and improve.

World map

To make it even more clear, we’ve prepared a short animation that explains how a single region block can fit into any slot on the map.


Character movement and the rule of taking the adventure card.

I’d like to remind that the character figures shown in the following tutorial are free placeholders. Our plastic figures will look completely different.

As you may have already guessed, the tutorial book is going to be a pretty thick one, but it makes for quick and straighforward reading.

In addition to the tutorial book, once the game is released, we plan to launch the DoV wiki.

We’ll reveal more pieces of the gameplay in the next development diary posts of the Descendants of Volos board game.

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