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25 July 2021
8 March 2022
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Welcome everyone to another post of the Descendants of Volos board game. You can find all previous posts in the Blog section.

Today the post will be very short. We’ve added a very interesting card to the game – Volos Armor.

Volos armor card. Disclaimer – art is still temporary as of 0.1.5 alpha version of the game.

Why is it interesting? It spices up the end of the game a lot. Notice that it has no requirements, so anyone can wear it. It gives 7 combat cards of ANY kind. So you have an absolute freedom which 7 combat cards to add to your pool, which might give you a chance to experiment with e.g. cards from the intellect deck (with some magical skills) as you’re a strong warrior… The skills are another interesting thing. The first one causes the defeated opponent to lose their soul forever, and the second one makes you never become tired. You can travel long distances without worrying of having few combat cards in hand in case of a fight. It’s a universal type of armor, meaning that it acts as a robe, a light and a heavy armor in one. So regardless of your character-depending armor-type skills, you’ll benefit from wearing it.

All of that makes you a “Player Hunter.” You can chase other players and eliminate them one after another, soul by soul.

Now… it’s not that easy to get that armor. It’s added to the Celestial items deck.

Item decks

And Celestial items can be found only in silver and golden treasure chests in the most dangerous dungeons.

Chest rewards from the Grimoire handbook

So it’s not enough to complete the dungeon. You must be lucky when drawing Celestial cards.

That’s it in today’s short dev-diary post. If you like our project, please remember to share it with your friends! See you soon in another post of the Descendants of Volos board game.

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