New Runestone

8 March 2022
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In today’s post of the “Descendants of Volos blog”, we’re going to share a complete remake and the final version of the Runestone mini.

Runestones, also called Stones of the Ancestors, have a special importance in our board game’s lore. They are a medium between the two worlds, the living and the dead, and are used for contacting ancestors living their afterlife. Velevits (playable characters) feel a very strong bond with these stones, and as the only ones they are capable of moving between them with a simple touch of hand.

Reference used for the miniature that we’ve already shared in our previous blog.

New model of a Runestone

New runestone model used in tabletop simulator.

3d printed prototype, 5cm tall.

3d printed and painted by Maniexite.

In the above test, we’ve printed a 5cm tall version (on the right) and a special taller version just for fun. It was painted with the courtesy of Marian Pecyna (aka Maniexite) whose amazing works you can find on his facebook page, or on his personal blog.

There will be 8 runestone minis in the core box of the game, not painted obviously.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post of the Descendants of Volos developer diaries.

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