Tomasz Kowalczyk

11 December 2018


Welcome in a new Development Diary post! If you haven’t read the previous posts yet, here they are: Post 1 – Game announcement Post 2 – […]
28 September 2018

Enemies and Combat

Welcome. Today we’ll reveal some details about the enemies from the adventure cards, as well as some highlights from the combat system. But first, for those […]
2 September 2018


Welcome in a new development diary post about the Descendants of Volos board game. If you’ve missed the previous posts, you can find them in the […]
19 August 2018

Event Cards

Welcome everyone. As you may have already noticed in the previous posts, there are separate stacks of cards for each region on the map. Those are […]
7 August 2018

World map and tutorial

Welcome to our second development diary post of The Descendants of Volos board game. Today we’ll reveal what our manual will look like, and some details […]
22 July 2018

Game announcement

Welcome to our first development diary. The Descendants of Volos is a fantasy roleplaying adventure board game, focused on character progression and pvp. The game is […]